Upgrade to OAS version 3

Mobile Money API version 1.1 has been developed using OAS version 3 to take advantage of the new modelling and schema reuse capabilities that OAS3 provides. This has led to significant reuse of schemas/properties and has significantly improved readability.


Overhaul of Callback mechanism

In version 1.0 of the mobile money API, callbacks were issued via a patch command with clients unable to specify a URL to receive the callback. In version 1.1, the following improvements have been made:
o The client can specify full callback URL using a new request header X-Callback-URL.
o A full representation of the created resource is sent back (via PUT) in response to a successful creation request.
o Mobile Money API callbacks have been modelled using callback operations introduced in OAS v3.


Improved implementation of identifier types in path

The Mobile Money API now permits any Identifier Type in path, not just MSISDN:
o Original version 1.0 implementation: /accounts/msisdn/{msisdn}/
o New version 1.1 implementation: /accounts/{identifierType/{identifier}/


New APIs for Bill Companies

New set of APIs to enable clients to retrieve Bill Company information.


New Authorisation Codes APIs

Provide the ability to generate & cancel transaction authorisation codes which can expire.
Provides support for ATM withdrawals & voucher code-based transactions.


New API - POST /transactions/type/{transactionType]

Enables the transaction type to be identified in the URL when creating a transaction.
This is required in some API Gateway implementations to allow fine grained API permissions to be applied.


Account Balance ‘Self’ API

Added new ‘self’ API for account balance, removing the need for the account subject to identify itself in the path.