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IN Switch

IN Switch is a global leader in mobile financial technologies, operating over 100 platforms in 40 countries.

For more than 15 years we have been helping governments and corporations offer massive mobile financial services through our cutting-edge solutions. Our solutions and services allow our customers to enhance their clients experience through the mobile channel, as well as to increase loyalty and revenue.

The IN Switch API provided allows a developer to:

* Query a subscriber or agent/merchant account for balance or transactions

* Take payment from a subscriber using an agent/merchant account

* Query pending transactions for a subscriber and approve those transactions if necessary

The API is supplemented by a Simulator for the approval of transactions.

Getting Started


The simulator allows you to respond to USSD pushes to the a mobile payments user.  Please follow the instructions below

1. Open the following URL in your browser of choice.

2. Enter the MSISDN you have been given into both the MSISD and Cell Id fields and click "Send Config"

3. You should now see your number in the top left hand part of the simulators screen.

4. When transactions are made against your number you will receive a request to enter your PIN. Respond with your PIN in order for a given transaction to be successful.

Postman Collection

You will find a Postman collection describing usage of the API as this URL.

API Documentation

Please find a PDF containing the IN Switch API documentation at this URL.



For support join our Skype chat using this URL.


FAQ will be populated as relevant questions are identified.

Common Pitfalls

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