GSMA Mobile Money API Specification

Welcome to the GSMA Mobile Money API Developer Portal.  The Mobile Money API is an initiative developed through collaboration between the mobile money industry and the GSMA, which provides a harmonized API Specification for all the common mobile money use cases which is both easy to use and secure.  Using best practices from the technology industry in API design and security, it aims to simplify and accelerate integration with mobile money platforms and stimulate the growth of the ecosystem.

The key design principles of the API include the use of REST architectural principles, the use of the JSON data format for requests and responses, and the provision of a set of well-defined objects that are abstracted from the underlying object representations held in different mobile money systems.  The API also defines a standard set of transaction types and other key enumerations, uses ISO international standards for enumerations such as currency and country codes, and provides support for supplementary metadata and sub-types for properties specific to different mobile money providers.

The Mobile Money Developer Portal provides access to the Mobile Money API Specification assets and a full suite of developer documentation and tools to facilitate developers implementing the specification, whether they are Mobile Money Providers or Service Providers building solutions for the mobile money ecosystem.

The developer documentation includes developer guides for getting started with the Mobile Money API covering API Fundamentals and API Behaviour & Error Handling and reference documentation for all APIs and supporting objects included in the specification.  Developers can also access security design and implementation guidelines to ensure that best practices are applied to the connection between the API client and the API gateway, and to authenticating end users to the mobile money platform.

The developer tools include the GSMA Simulator which provides an example simulated API implementation developed to facilitate API adoption and testing, an example Authentication Gateway which adopts the best practice security recommendations of OAuth 2.0, and use case examples which include Postman Collections enabling developers to test the simulated APIs directly or through the authentication gateway.